Moving business forward globally

The advantage of Roy Power Enterprises products are that they can be employed anywhere in the world. The Homeless Service Centre can be built in or shipped to most countries helping to ease the stress of those in unfortunate circumstances.

Making construction easier

The Knogginmate bracket makes a plumbers job easier and more professional. The Scaffgrip bracket reduces the failure rate of existing bracketing systems and the bolts that normally attach them. Scaffgrip also saves time to both install and remove thus streamlining scaffolding systems. The Splitshank Bolt reduces the failure rate of compression style masonry anchors opening further than other market leading bolts.

Improving lives through innovation

The Jetloo toilet saves cleaning time and saves on water volume thus saving money. Designed to reliable for many years without the need for maintenance. The Homeless Service Centre provides a meeting place for those on the street providing showers, toilets and cooking facilities and a place to meet others for direction and support. 

Welcome to Roy Power Enterprises. Here you will see some of our exclusive inventions and innovations. Naturally you can read more information about each idea by checking out the product information pages.